Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Choice Book

A Choice Book is a library program designed to connect students with good books.  It also creates a sense of community between students and the adults in their school - not to mention sharing the love of reading.

Here's how it works -

A teacher or staff member
  • Chooses a book (can be any book - doesn't have to be one you've read).
  • Thinks of a student (any student - not just their own) that might like the book.
  • Fills out a Choice Book card.
Books go in the library on display.
Card gets delivered to student's homeroom class.

Teachers and staff members can come to either library at any time to select a book for a student.  Just leave the card with a library staff member.   This program will continue next year.  It will be a special treat for a student to get a book especially selected for them by you!

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