Friday, January 17, 2014

Photo Story 3 for Windows

Want your students to create a simple video presentation?  Then photo story 3 is for you!  This program is free and easy to use.  If it is not installed on your machine, please email tech support and they will be able to install it for you.  However, the program should be on all computers in our school.

Photo Story allows the user to combine still images and text to create a finished video.  Enhanced effects include the ability to narrate (record voice) or add music.  In addition, effects may be added to images and transitions may be applied between photos.  Text may be presented as an overlay on a photo or on a solid background.  In addition to meeting which ever core curriculum standard(s) you are addressing, students gain some basic skills in the use of video editing, as well as file manipulation (saving photos and files), and using material that is in the public domain (copyright-friendly).

Possible project ideas include:
Public Service Annoucements
Book Reviews/Reports
Book Trailers
Story Map
Digital Storytelling
Persuasive Writing
Identifying literary elements 
Describing idioms
Story re-telling
Step-by-step directions (recipes, play a game, etc) 

And much, much more!  Please see Mrs. Rokhvadze if you would like more information or a tutorial on how to use this program.

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