Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tablets in the classroom

Woot!  The library now has two Samsung Tablets and one Ipad to lend out to teachers for use in the classroom or to take to conferences.  Folks, it doesn't get more exciting than this.

You may be saying to yourself - this is great, but what will I ever use it for?

Read on, dear reader....read on...
  • Read a book (borrow online)
  • Free Shakespeare!
  • Take a Google Earth Trip
  • Use a concept map
  • Use as an interactive whiteboard or slate
  • Search the Internet with voice recognition
  • Create podcasts (audio casts) and vodcasts (video casts)
  • Use as camera or video
  • Edit photos and video
  • Type papers (with keyboard dock)
  • Use dropbox to share files
  • And so much more!
Check out this terrific slideshow with suggestions for specific apps to download/purchase for use in the classroom.

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