Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New collections in the library

New Collections!
If you haven't visited the libraries in a while, you'll be in for some surprises. This year we have focused on creating new collections in each of the libraries.

Pre-School Bookbags
As we know, the more we read to and with our children, the more their comprehension skills and life-long reading habits will improve. Preparing pre-schoolers for school by reading to them is one of the building blocks to successful learning. This year, in collaboration with Jen Sanders, the elementary library has created a pre-school bookbag collection. These bags circulate to families in the LCS school district who have pre-schoolers at home.

At this time, we have 15 canvas bags each with 5 books on a certain theme. So far, we have signed up four families for family library cards who have come in to borrow these bags! We hope to extend this program in the future by purchasing more bags and offering incentives for those families who reach a 'Read at Home' goal.

LCS Staff Book ExchangeThis year, we have also created a staff book exchange in the High School Library - and, it has really taken off! We already have at least two full shelves of books which are of interest to adults which faculty and staff have brought in and are welcome to come and borrow. Even if you don't have anything to swap, please feel free to stop in and borrow some books for summer reading. We also have many young adult books in the HS library which are of interest to adults. So, don't forget to pick up a couple (or a few) books for those long, lazy (we hope), summer days.

Career CenterTeachers' goals this year included collaborating with the library or Library Media Specialist in some capacity. One way of doing this was to recommend books to add to our collection. Mrs. Sider recommended several specific titles on a variety of topics, including careers. Several of these books, including a five volume set of "The Encyclopedia of Careers," were also very useful for an extensive project in Mrs. Dutcher's class. We created a 'Career Center' in the High School library which highlighted our new titles and also included several other books on careers - helping our students to identify possible jobs and future goals for themselves.

Have a great summer and See You in the Library!


  1. Looks good....can I get a library card when I retire? Can't wait to just sit home and read!

  2. Absolutely! So many little time...